Live and Learn

Snapchat Lately.

Hello. For those who are active Snappers. Add me: @eshinali

You can also follow me on instagram: @doreeneshinali







Good day!


16 thoughts on “Snapchat Lately.

      1. You’ve got to be a strong person to always survive.. because not everyone will like you, not everyone will be your friend. And it’s like some people are sent to just make life hard for you; to hurt you and see you down… so if you not strong, how will you survive… that’s why you get the stories of suicide and all….

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      2. Hahahaha.. with or without allies.. Am my own superwoman…I can do it on my own… I can save my world on my own….truth be told, it’s my life, my journey, my feelings….so yea


      3. Can you elaborate on your avoidance of the word “I.” You seem to avoid saying it. Yea, you can save your own world but it helps to have people with you along the way. Being strong doesn’t feel the void of, lonely.

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      4. …what I meant was, when it comes to my own decisions and thoughts… yes, people can be there, they can give the advice or whatever it is they have to do in my life…but at the end of the day, it is ‘I’ who makes the last decision about my life…

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