The Girl Who Filled Her Heart With Pickup Lines.

She dated whoever offered her affection; that jackass who told her he loved her, that player who told her she was the one, or the lonely guy who filled her head with ‘pickup lines’.

She never went to an event unaccompanied, her smile never faded and her heart was never empty, but rather it was full of all the wrong things. Cheesy lines and empty promises. 

She attracted the ‘bad boys’. These are the men she enjoyed being around with. These are the men who filled her heart.

She  would take what was offered to her. She couldn’t stand the feeling of an empty heart any longer. She knew nothing was long term, she knew all the compliments were based on her outside, she knew the promises were only spoken to receive whatever they wanted out of the relationship. She would rather go through all those broken relationships than lack the feeling of warmth form a lover’s comfort. She would live off meaningless kisses, lustful touches and cold embraces.

She was not promiscuous, she was weak. 

She was just in search for someone to love her back. 

Maybe one day!




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