My Era of Sleeping With Unconscious Bad Boys is Over.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve always had a super soft spot for the ‘bad boy’…the seemingly unobtainable man who enjoys playing women like there’s no tomorrow…the man who I know claims he doesn’t want a relationship, so he’s even more appealing to me because it means I don’t have to feel vulnerable and be truly seen in my everything-ness by him. It’s always been the safe option.

And let’s be honest ladies, these men are always so fucking hot. And they know how to fuck. And yes my pussy loves it at the time, but my heart is often left feeling empty. My heart yearns for more. More honouring. More love. More Goddess worship. It’s about time I listen to my heart.

So I’m making a choice to put a stop to my bad boy addiction and I’m pulling in the reigns once and for all. Because yes, I’m worth more than just another woman. I’m fucking Goddess and I want to be treated like one every single day. 

Recently I was reminded that when a man fucks a woman, he enters her not just with his cock, but with his entire consciousness. Energetically we receive every man we fuck into every cell in our body…we receive their vibration into our hearts and consciousness, and take on whatever is going on for that man in that moment in his life. Urggggggggg….

Reality Check!

Luckily this timely reminder has prompted me to set some very clear boundaries around who I fuck, and I now find myself asking some following questions prior to jumping into bed with a new lover. 

Firstly, whether they’re a one-night stand, a casual lover or a new partner, I will not accept anything less than utmost respect, presence, love and authenticity.

Are they open to deep intimacy, connection and passion? Can they be present, truly present, and allow for whatever arises when we are together? Can they fuck me senseless whilst also holding space and penetrating me with their consciousness?

Nope, I’m definitely not seeking some crazy airy fairy hippy tantric guru spiritual guy…I’m simply asking for real men who want genuine connection, honesty and conscious fucking and relating. 

This shit counts, it counts because no woman should put up with anything other than the above. Every woman should demand the Goddess treatment and know that they fucking deserve it. Women, own your Goddess. Demand the love, respect and integrity you deserve and fuck your conscious men to your heart’s content.



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