Monthly Archives: February 2017

Don’t Fall In Love With My Body

People out here build a whole relationship based on how somebody looks, as if that’s going to sustain their relationship for 50 to 60 years to come.

Looks depreciate with time and people don’t realize that.

You can’t fall in love with my looks – this is my vessel, this is my body but it is not me. Me, is inside my mind, my spirit and my soul. It’s what moves my body.

Fall in love with my spirit. Fall in love with my soul. That doesn’t depreciate with time.

Just like I build my body up, I build my mind up. And this wont work unless you realize that the mind is the price.

So if we want this to work in the next 50 to 60 years, we can’t build our foundation based on each others looks. Cause it will never work. My body will crumble and so will yours but my mind will last forever. Fall in love with it and we see our 50 to 60 years.

-Ace Metaphor- “Sharing his amazing words”.




My Good and Bad List of 2017.

Well, 2017 started off well but a few bumps along the way made me stop writing for a while. Lemme share with you for things that have happened so far.


  1. I lost my Job – I wasn’t fired. There was downsizing at work and I was part of the group. But anyways, that’s life as it is but am not going to give up so easily.
  2. I added weight when I thought I was loosing….Damn! So, I made it better.
  3. I lost a lot of friends but most of them I knew them from my boyfriend, but after the break-up, I just choose to keep them off me either way, not all of them were of much help. They were in my life because he was in my life. So, its a good and a bad thing. But let it be here.
  4. My Facebook timeline was filled with people dying this year or something bad happened to someone and it’s not in the middle of the year. Am just glad it never happened to anyone so close to me. But for those who lost someone in 2017, my condolence.


  1. Finished writing my book but still working on the publishing. Used up most of my saving for this. No regrets!
  2. I was able to walk away from a toxic relationship (the hardest but a worth it decision ever made in 2017)
  3. I enrolled back to school for my Masters in Business Administration. (This is what has been keeping me busy most of the time.) Staying out of school for 2 years then going back is hard to catch-on.
  4. I started working out using this You tube Workout. Home Cardio Workout With No Equipment. Its such a sweaty training session but its worth it. I just started so, waiting to see the results after few more workouts. You should try it though.
  5. I never used to read my Bible for a very long time but in 2017, I read at least a verse everyday and pray every morning and evening, also something that I used to forget often.
  6. Oooh, one more…I decided to go Natural. I mean Natural Hair. I never braided or weaved my hair in February, now onto the next month. I love it!

Looking at my list now, I guess most of the things have been good….I pray for them to keep being good. I feel good about it. Updates after two months or so.