Alex and I rekindle our friendship in December when on suspension through Facebook, exchanged numbers and since then we kept talking through calls and text messages. I kept postponing hooking up because of the situations at home. On the last weekend of January 2013, Monday Morning, my dad traveled to Bungoma for a week. I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted before he returned. Alex then invited me for house party at a friend’s house that Saturday night.

I threw on my skin tight blue cocktail dress with my black converse shoes. I was ready to let go that night, stress was building up and I could really use a drink. I tied my braids in a bun and did some very diva make up style before I left.

I took a cab to the party. Alex’s friend lived in the suburb neighborhoods in Nairobi, Kitusuru. I could hear music blasting all the way down the street. It felt like it was going to be a great night. I got out of the cab, paid the cab guy then walked up the drive way.

Was I late or what time did people start drinking? Some people were already blacked out. I was not even high. I looked at my phone clock, it was midnight. I walked into the kitchen and there she was. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a white button down shirt tucked in and a black and blue tie with white vans and a blue and black beanie. Of course, she looked beautiful just like I remembered. She looked up from her drink and smiled at me.

Nancy!” She called as she walked over to me. She was stunning. I don’t know why but my heart skipped a beat when she called my name. “Hi Alex” I said

“Is everything okay?” She hugged me. Once again sending shocks through my body. God! Why do I feel this way? I don’t understand. My thoughts.

“Do you wanna go somewhere more quiet?” Alex asked me grabbing my hand. I nodded my head and went with her but first she pulled out a half bottle of viceroy from a cabinet and put it under her arm.

We walked upstairs into the bathroom. Oh gosh what is happening Nancy. What are you getting yourself into? I thought to myself as I watched Alex close the door behind her and sat on the counter.

“So what have you been up to? We haven’t talked much since forever? What happened to you?” She asked as she poured a drink in her tumbler then handed it to me. ‘Take that shot!’

Truth be told, Alex and I used to friends back in Our Lady of Mercy Girl’s School in Busia. She was in form two when I joined form one. She was popular for being the best basketballer in school. When I joined, rumors were that she was lesbian and that she had a girlfriend in the upper class just because they were always together. I never dug for more information about her because I was a ‘fresher’. What do ‘freshers’ know apart from being bullied?

We kept in contact for a while after I transferred then later everyone moved on with their lives. We rekindle our friendship again after high school but some girl she was dating at that time broke up with her and Alex went spiraling downhill. She became a completely different person. And I couldn’t trust her anymore. So I cut her off.

“I’m fine. Life has been ups and downs but okay. The last time we talked you told me you were seeing a Kate! Right? You still together or you moved on?” I asked her as I sat on the edge of the sink then I took the viceroy shot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       “Kate! Kate. That girl was something. We broke up three months ago. She was my longest relationship. Fuck!”She said as she looked at the closed door. I could see her eyes start to fill up with tears.

“Alex I’m sorry” I said as I got up to hug her. Realizing she was still hurt by Kate.

She wiped her eyes and smiled, “It’s all good, I will find someone better. Actually am here with a Jane. But it’s nothing serious.” She said as she looked up at me giving me a small smirk.

“Sorry that I hugged you.” I told her as I walked back over to the tub.

Nancy, its fine. It really is” Alex said as she walked over towards me. “Umm, Nancy, I’ve been meaning to tell you…” I cut her off.

“Alex let me just say that, first, you’ve known me for a while. Am still straight and I have been with boys. I’m not taken for now but yeah. We cannot be.” I said as I walked back over to the sink. Through the rekindling period, Alex had been flirting too much. I went with the flow hoping that we would not be meeting anytime soon. But there we were!

“Nancy, I’m sorry for what I’m about to do”. I went to turn around but that’s when it happened. I felt her lips press against my lips and her tongue slip into my mouth. Weirdly, I did not stop her. I kissed her back and grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. She moved her hands over my body and put me on to the sink. I wrapped my legs around her and began to kiss her neck. I grabbed her cornrows and yanked the down. She let out a soft moan. I could not help but smile.

“ALEX ARE YOU IN THERE?” We both froze.

“It’s Jane” Alex whispered.

I pushed Alex off me and quickly snapped back into reality. “I’m sorry Alex. I can’t do this”. I went to open the bathroom door but Jane beat me to it. She opened the door and right then you knew she was going to kill someone.

“Alex. What! What is going on? Why are you with that? “She said pointing at me.

“Jane I know it looks bad but let me….” She cut Alex off and continued to scream and yell at her till I stepped in.

“Jane, don’t blame Alex, It’s my fault. Okay” I defended Alex even though it was her fault.”So stop yelling and listen to your girlfriend for once.” I told Jane then walked past her.

“Am sorry Alex” I heard Jane say as I walked away from them.

“No Jane, you listen to me. It’s over. See what we had was never a relationship in the first place. Am sorry” Alex shouted. I think she shouted on purpose; for me to hear her.

I called a cab to take me home, looking at the clock in the car it was 3am. What! What a waste of a night. I thought to myself. As I got home, my phone vibrates a message from Alex. ‘You looked really good walking away. Hope you don’t mind finishing off where we started. Hope you got home safe.”

To be continued…..



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