Read this, if you are the kind to love first and judge second.

I try to think the best of people. Really I do. I focus on the good aspects. I try to be empathetic to their problems, I try to love first and judge second. And of course I mess up, just like everyone else, I have flaws the size of planets. But I try to always apologize, self evaluate and be self aware of my mistakes.

This is what growth is about right? Well, unfortunately, no matter how much you try to see and do the best by others, other people will not do and see the best by you. All you can control at the end of the day is your own actions. No one else’s.

So when your best friend back stabs you. When your boyfriend cheats on you. When your parents don’t understand you. When the people you love act uncharacteristically awful and leave you feeling heartbroken, I need you to remember this;

This wasn’t your fault and you do not deserve this. No matter what the offending party says to you, you did not deserve their ill treatment. And you do not need to spend sleepless nights trying to figure out what you did wrong.

People’s actions are their own. We are all responsible for the way we behave with others. And the easy way out is to say “She provoked me, or he caused me to act like a horrible person.”

No, we all have a choice. And the people who broke you had a choice too. They just chose the wrong one. And sadly, not everyone has the courage to apologize for their wrong doings.

In their minds, you are overreacting. You are unreasonable. You are acting stupid. But your reactions are justified. Please don’t let them lead you into thinking they aren’t. This is what you need to remember. It wasn’t your fault. No matter how much they convince you it was.




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