When you’re strong but you’re tired.

When you’re strong but you’re tired, your faith grows wary. You believe in love but you also fear it. When all you’ve known is heartbreak, it takes strength to believe in anything else. You know you deserve it but there are moments you don’t think it’ll ever come your way.

When you’re strong but you’re tired, you just want to give up. You just want to walk away. Stop trying. Stop believing. Stop feeling everything so deeply to the core.

See, it takes strength to believe in people when you’ve seen them at their worst. It takes strength to believe in love when you are crying yourself to sleep over someone who hurt you. And I know what it’s like to be tired of being that strong.

You’re tired of getting hurt. You’re tired of getting disappointed. You’re tired of giving your best only to watch people take advantage of it. You think too much about people who care too little. But you don’t know how to change a heart like yours. It is in your veins, the way you love.

The truth is, people like you will always know the pain at a level deeper than others. People like you will always know this darkness that others never will. But with all of the intense emotions you feel so heavily, you also feel the good things and appreciate them more than anyone else.

So value being a person like that. Appreciate a heart that cares so deeply when others have grown cold. As much as it hurts sometimes, it’s people like you that change others. It’s the genuine good you bring to the world that fills others with hope and light. There is something rare about someone like you.

So I ask you, do not change. Do not allow pain to make you feel so depleted. The world needs more people like you. You matter more than you will ever realize.

Happy August!




4 thoughts on “When you’re strong but you’re tired.

  1. Khrys

    Hi my name is Khrys. I’m not a active user of this site but I just so happened to stumble on this page and these words really hit me deep down. I’ve always known this feeling and I have thought about giving up but knowing that what I do can help people in some way or bring people smiles on their faces makes me happier than any normal person could ever imagine. So thank you for this.

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