Book Review#3 “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons” by Kevin Hart.

This is a surprisingly inspiring book. Yes, it was inspiring to read about how he overcame a challenging childhood to become the only comedian in history to sell out an NFL stadium, but it was also jam-packed with motivational passages for anyone who is working toward a dream.

I LOVED this book. I really appreciated how honest and genuine the entire book felt. He was upfront about having a writer, and I think Hart and Strauss collaborated perfectly. You can just see the Hart shining through the entire memoir.
This book is not at all what I expected it would be. I didn’t think it was that funny. I chuckled a handful of times while reading it, but I actually liked that about it. Instead of it being a written version of a comedy special (like I thought it would be), it read like an inspirational story that absolutely anyone would love.

There are sooo many things I loved about this book.
1. I loved how much he loves and honors his mom for everything she did for him. He could have whined and complained, but instead he honors her as being the reason why he succeeded.
2. He was not scared to show his ugly side, and I just felt this made it so much more authentic, and showed you how much he has grown as a person. This alone makes you want to strive to become better as well.
3. His positivity is just such a beautiful trait, and it shines throughout.
4. I loved his advice because he cited examples from his own life where he wished he had known or followed his own advice.
5. I admire what a great dad he is despite having a horrible father himself. He never once bashed his dad, but stated facts and expressed his love for his dad nonetheless.

Best Quotes from this book that I’m sure will help me in my journey of writing a book too:

  1. It’s easy to complain about your life—how tough it is, how unfair it is, how stressful it is, how everyone else has it much better. But if you step into the life of someone you envy for just a day, you’ll discover that everyone has their own problems, and they’re usually worse than yours. Because your problems are designed specifically for you, with the specific purpose of helping you grow.
  2. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons in my life, and this was one of the most important: Do your best, always. Because you never know who’s watching.
  3. It just takes one person to say one thing, and your whole life can change. If success happens in part by chance, then the more you expose yourself to it, the luckier you will be. I worked hard in order to get lucky.
  4. That’s when I learned the biggest lesson of all: humility. In the depths of my disappointment and failure, I understood that nothing in life is guaranteed. One day you’re hot, the next you’re not. One day you’re rich, the next you’re poor. One day you’re free, the next you’re in jail. One day you’re alive, the next you are dead. You can work hard. You can be talented. You can know all the right people. You can be smart, rich, beautiful, everything – and still, life can deal you a bad hand. So what are you to do in the face of a reality that can be indifferent, cold even cruel?  All you have to do is play the odds. If you choose to give up, you can be fairly certain that life will pass you by. But if you choose to try your best , you can at least tip the balance significantly in your favor. Life is not about result – we all have the same outcome in the end. Life is about the effort you put into it.
  5. Sometimes you got to take three steps back to know that there’s a lot more steps you can still take backward.

I don’t know if this book is for everyone if you’re not a fan of Kevin’s standup this book may not be for you, but if you love his standup you will definitely recognize a lot of the stories and people in this book.

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