Life’s Too Short To Waste Your Time With People Who Only Give 50%.

If you’re anything like me, you’d go to the ends of the earth for the people you love, whether they’re friends, family or your other half. However, sometimes in life, it can be devastating to realize that you’re the only one in the relationship giving 100%.

It’s good to care about your loved ones and to show that care through your words and actions, but it’s also important to receive the same generosity in return. You can’t constantly give someone everything, whether it’s your time, energy or kindness, to only get something half-assed back. Life isn’t like that.

Imagine a relationship where you do all of the work. You’re the first to communicate, you always have to plan things to do with the other person, you drive to their house, you take them places, you carry the conversation, you’re completely there for them when they need you… but you never get anything back. Perhaps you don’t have to imagine because this is your reality.

When you are the one more invested, you listen closely for a ticking clock. You feel expiration date slapped across your forehead. You wonder if you just could get them to see your importance. That you, are not some fucking carton of milk to go bad. You are water. You are air, and energy. Everything they should value and appreciate. You’re necessity, not accessory. You will forget this as you try to convince your own worth.

Maybe they do not call when they say they will. Maybe they leave you waiting alone, outside the restaurant for 15 minutes. You will wonder if there’s a reason they are not as invested. Maybe you are just not a worthy investment. You will think about shutting down. Maybe the next time, you won’t allow yourself to fall so quickly and fearlessly.

It’s important to spend time with and invest in the people who love and care for you as much as you do for them. Sure, relationships take work and they’re not always perfect, but it’s the attitude we have towards them that matters. As long as both parties are ready and willing to compromise and do what it takes to make the other person happy, then the relationship will continue to survive and thrive.

Remember, you are always the water, and if they do not see that, they do not deserve to drink you.



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