Truth and Love

vicious circle

your wounds are where your father was wounded

your bitterness is the life your mother had to live.

and if we do not do something different,

these wounds will be the wounds of our children,

who we hope,

will learn how to forgive.

(sometimes we find ourselves committing the very acts that hurt us when we were a child. We get stuck perpetuating a pattern that we’ve inherited and if we are not made aware, the pattern continues and bleeds into the generations that come after us.

I want you to know that is doesn’t have to be this way; you have the power to change everything.

Stop making choices that you know will hurt you. Stop choosing the things that do not help serve your higher purpose.

Practice making decisions that will elevate who you are and who you want to be. Choose these things over and over again until you’re free. And once you’re free, free another.)




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