SHORT STORY: No regrets

he kept driving, stepping on the gas pedal a little harder each mile.

“you scare me you know.”

“what do you mean?” he asked.

“the way you live life to the fullest, not a bit scared of death.”

“but think about it. If you died right now, would you say that you died happy, having accomplished most of what you want in life? would you die knowing you made people’s days better? would you die knowing you never let your team down when they needed you most? I do all of these crazy things to live my life to the max. Because if I died right this instant, I know I would be the happiest dead person under the dirt. Why would you waste your life? Of course we all have those days where we lay in bed and do nothing all day. But take every other day and use 100% of it. Take every person you meet and get to know 100% of them. If I died right this instant, I would know I died knowing that I completed my journey on earth, that I jumped through every open window, dealing with whatever I plunged into. I took every opportunity, good or bad, and did what I can with it. I made good choices and bad choices. I learned from every experience I had. So f I died right now, I would be okay. I would have no regrets for things I should’ve done.”


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