Because I Was Mad

I wonder if the things people say when they’re mad are really the way they feel or if they just wait until they’re mad to have the guts to say it? I wonder if they know that when words are spoken in anger, they leave scars. The verbal wound is just as bad as the physical one. 

In most cases it’s actually worse because words don’t die. Sure we can brush some things off, but when it hurts, no matter what we do, the words seem to echo, and the feeling always seems to linger. It’s like you can put a knife in a person and take it out. But it won’t matter how many times you say i’m sorry, the wound will still be there.

Our hearts may forgive, but our minds never forget. It’s only so many times, ‘i was mad,’ should be used as a person’s excuse not to control their temper. Anger is an internal force; it starts within and ends within. Sometimes it’s as elementary as counting to ten. Think first.

Just my thoughts, good people. Just my thoughts. 



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