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My destination in life

Why I Write My Thoughts and Feelings

I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.” – Sylvia Plath

Every writer has their own different reason behind why they write, but the very common, simple reason that we write is because we must. You’ll find that almost every writer suffers from a mind that constantly dances in a storm of thoughts and a heart that beats too fast and too hard; simply put, we write because if we didn’t, we’d go insane. As Isaac Asimov perfectly put it, “I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die.

My inspiration comes from nowhere but inside myself. I write because I feel driven to, and it is the way I prefer to get through my life. I’ve always been fascinated by words and the power and beauty they hold, and I’ve found that words are the best way to express what I can’t bring myself to say aloud.

When I write, I write because I am at the peak of my emotions. I write when I am lost, when I am exhilarated, when I am heartbroken beyond relief, when I am feeling infinite; what I am trying to say is, my inspiration lies in my emotions. I personally am someone who feels too deeply but tends to speak my mind too rarely, so writing is, in some sense, the therapy for my soul. I write for pleasure and I write for necessityI write because I like to, I want to, and I need to.

I also write to inspire; sometimes the most troubled souls cannot find solace in writing, so I write in hope that those hearts will find solace in reading instead. I write to not only keep myself sane but to keep others sane as well; no matter how amateur or plain my writing may be, I write in hopes that my words are powerful enough to save someone’s soul.

The bottom line is this: I write because I must, and because words are what keep me moving forward. I write for myself and I write for others; I write to live a little more deeply, love a little more strongly, and feel a little more powerfully.

You could leave in the comment why you write. You don’t have to, but if you want to. Plead leave a comment.



SHORT STORY: No regrets

he kept driving, stepping on the gas pedal a little harder each mile.

“you scare me you know.”

“what do you mean?” he asked.

“the way you live life to the fullest, not a bit scared of death.”

“but think about it. If you died right now, would you say that you died happy, having accomplished most of what you want in life? would you die knowing you made people’s days better? would you die knowing you never let your team down when they needed you most? I do all of these crazy things to live my life to the max. Because if I died right this instant, I know I would be the happiest dead person under the dirt. Why would you waste your life? Of course we all have those days where we lay in bed and do nothing all day. But take every other day and use 100% of it. Take every person you meet and get to know 100% of them. If I died right this instant, I would know I died knowing that I completed my journey on earth, that I jumped through every open window, dealing with whatever I plunged into. I took every opportunity, good or bad, and did what I can with it. I made good choices and bad choices. I learned from every experience I had. So f I died right now, I would be okay. I would have no regrets for things I should’ve done.”

Nothing In The World Could Have Prepared Me For This Kind Of Love

I woke up screaming your name last night. Tears were streaming down my face and my body burned as if you were still touching it; god, I thought waking up would be better than being lost in my nightmares but even awake, I felt as if I was spinning into the hurricane that you were.

That was the most mesmerizing thing about you – you made me realize why storms were named after people. Because you were a storm yourself; you were cold to the point that my body shivered in your presence; your words always shook me the way thunder booms against the cracked sky; and your touch was lightning that electrified my every nerve.

You were a beautiful but a deadly anomaly and maybe that is why I always found myself drawn to you.

I always loved rain before I met you, but the tears that streamed down my face last night made me hate water altogether. Because rain reminded me of the storm that you were, and dreaming of you reminded me of your absence on this lonely bed.

I screamed your name for hours, hoping maybe you’d hear my cries from wherever you were, but how could I expect you to hear me now when you never even listened back when you were in this bed with me?

I wonder how it’s possible that even with you gone, the weather seems so incredibly turbulent.

Nothing in this world could have prepared me for this kind of love.



Short Story: 2:00A.M. Dreams (Part 2)

Continuation of my story of how I felt when I lost my friend in 2009. I dream of him sometimes and thought I should write it down. Click here for Part 1


I pulled myself up onto the bed and hugged him. I did not want to let him go. I wasn’t ready. “I love you” my voice was shaking and my throat hurt from all the screaming and crying. I lay there sobbing on his still chest trying my hardest to find his heartbeat in the melancholy silence.

Suddenly, I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. It was my best friend Ruth. She did not say anything. She just stood there, gazing pitifully into my eyes. I got up as she pulled me into her arms. “I’m so sorry” she whispered. That short cliche phrase caused an explosion in my chest. It was like a confirmation of what was happening and I just wasn’t ready to accept the truth.

‘No! this can’t be!” I cried still frozen in her hug. “I just can’t….I can’t do this without him.’

“I know it hurts…” her voice was very soothing. “But you can do it. We will do it together.”

When I met Antony, Ruth was always there when we had relationship issues. Yes, at some point in life, Antony and I dated.

“No…no” Every word was a struggle. “You don’t get it!” I cried.

“I do! I promise you that you’re strong enough to get through this. I know you loved him but he wouldn’t want to see you this way. He would want you to live on.” I could sense it was hurting her to see me this way. She slowly released me from her warm hug, back into the cold and bitter reality, taking a step back leaving me standing beside the metal hospital bed.

Once again, I gazed at Antony. I wanted to carve his face into my memory forever. His temp fade ragged black hair that when cut to perfection, made his dark eyes pop and sparkle like stars every time he saw me. His beautiful full lips that kissed me with so much love and tenderness, and his cute dimples every time he smiled at me. His big arms for a nineteen year old boy that kept me feeling safe in the darkest days and nights.

I can’t imagine not being able hearing his cute laugh, his sweet voice anymore. I will miss the goodnight calls and the morning texts. The way he used to pull me close and stare deep into my eyes. Those random hugs and kisses. He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world. When I was with him I felt like nothing else mattered.

I stood there motionless. For a second it was like time froze. The rain water from my braids was dripping down my spine. I could barely breathe from crying so much. The tears were still streaming down my face like tiny waterfalls and in my head, I kept replaying the moments I spent with him. Every flashback made me die a little more

How am I going to live without him? He was everything to me. He was my all.


Things My Father Taught Me #2

Things have changed.

You can’t compare the 1960’s to now.

You live in a world filled with people offering quick fixes to your problems, your pain, your weight and everything else in between.

But all the good things that are worth the blood, sweat and tears, seem to come along for the ride.

If you want to achieve something, then you have to be ready to accept all that comes with that goal.

No shortcuts. No cheating.

Most importantly, you have to be patient with yourself.

– things my father taught me.



Can I run? Can I hide?

From all this pain I feel inside.

Why can’t I let the memories go?

Maybe I loved him much more than anyone will know. 

He took me to the moon and back and I can’t deny it felt good in every way.

The hurt is bad, the wound is deep,

The heart aches from the promises he couldn’t keep

It’s my fault and I wish I had known

You played our game and here I’m left alone

I’m loosing the war,

It’s a battle in my mind.

These emotions are too much to bare,

I’m blinded I can’t see you care.

I smile during the day, But at night it doesn’t work my way!

Hi Readers, August has not been a good month for me. Lemme just say 2016 hasn’t been a good year for me. I have experiences lose, meaning people leaving walking out. Existing my life. I don’t know but maybe there’s a reason as to why that is happening. Maybe they did not like the ME I present. 

I can’t beg them to stay either.

Anyways, just about to leave work and I just start typing what am feeling at the moment and I dint know I can write a poem. My first Poem. Tell me what you think.


"In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you".