Truth and Love

“if you dress me in beautiful words, 

make sure your actions

compliment the clothing

you’ve picked out for me.” 


Maybe We Can’t Find Love Because We’re Only Looking For Attention

I don’t understand when the shift happened. When did love switch from being a sacred bond between two people to a game of who can break more hearts and who cares less? When did love switch from commitment, loyalty, and communication to no strings attached, cheating, and ghosting?

Maybe it’s because social media replaced the real world so now people are searching for more followers, more likes and more ways to show that their lives are picture-perfect instead of looking at the bigger picture.

Maybe it’s because the ego replaced the heart so people don’t love for the sake of loving, they love for the sake of feeling good about themselves, they love for the sake of instant gratification and they love for the sake of constant validation.

We don’t want solid communication anymore, we just want to receive as many texts as possible from multiple people even if no one can truly read us. We want as many notifications as possible even if no one is really noticing us. We’re obsessed with numbers and competitions that we sometimes forget what we’re really fighting for.

We send screenshots to our friends just to show them how much we’re wanted and how many people are ‘chasing’ us but we end up feeling all alone at night, with no to call or anyone who genuinely cares.

I don’t know what it is but I know that we’re all seeking attention more than ever and the smallest setback makes us so insecure so we use people to make us feel secure again and reassure us that we’re important. We’re all wanting things and people we can’t have and it’s becoming a race and a game nobody is winning.



Do Not Mistake Passion For Love. One Feeds You, The Other Leaves You Starving

There was a girl, she grew up different from the rest of the girls in her neighborhood. She would do everything that was forbidden just for the sake of the excitement she felt. She thought of herself as someone not ordinary, not basic. Not someone who would settle down for a mediocre life like the rest of the girls.

One day she faced a similar choice. Between a man who told her in most ordinary way, in a trembling voice, “I will always love you, I will never let you down.” And a man who pulled her close and whispered in her ears the most passionate words, “I will make your head spin. I will be mad, and you’ll be crazy in love.” 

Without doubt she chose the second man. And the first man, he had his heart broken by the only girl he ever loved.

The two of them left the town. They eloped in the middle of the night and made a house somewhere near the town. It had a mattress for bed, kitchen and a good fire. They spent many good days in that house, making love. But as reality settled down on the lovers, the fire didn’t burn so bright.

She realized to her horror that as the days passed, her life became that of an ordinary girl. There was no more thrill, no adventure. She started craving again for something bigger than herself, than her ordinary life. She started remaining sad, and the man said in his dreamy voice, “there’s no spark left in you” and left.

She came back to her town, and was surprisingly taken in by her parents. She had lost all hope, but something bad changed in her for good. 

One day , while returning from the market she saw the man who loved her. He saw her too. He had heard storied about her. She went out of her way to talk to him. He was kind, and still trembled a little. Then out of nowhere she said, “You are still kind to me, why?” 

“Because I loved you and I may always do even when you don’t.” 

She smiled and said, “do you know what I have learned? That passion is a good fire but love is a steady warmth. One burns out, the other takes you in on a cold day.” 

I have seen people give up food for booze, money for drugs. Humans, we, have a knack for self-destruction. I have seen them reject a lifetime kinda-love for a fleeting affair. It’s the everyday life, ain’t?


Because I Was Mad

I wonder if the things people say when they’re mad are really the way they feel or if they just wait until they’re mad to have the guts to say it? I wonder if they know that when words are spoken in anger, they leave scars. The verbal wound is just as bad as the physical one. 

In most cases it’s actually worse because words don’t die. Sure we can brush some things off, but when it hurts, no matter what we do, the words seem to echo, and the feeling always seems to linger. It’s like you can put a knife in a person and take it out. But it won’t matter how many times you say i’m sorry, the wound will still be there.

Our hearts may forgive, but our minds never forget. It’s only so many times, ‘i was mad,’ should be used as a person’s excuse not to control their temper. Anger is an internal force; it starts within and ends within. Sometimes it’s as elementary as counting to ten. Think first.

Just my thoughts, good people. Just my thoughts. 


Sex Won’t Keep Him

Sleeping with him won’t make him stay. At least not the way you want him to anyway. Even when it’s 3 am and all you want is to feel his skin against yours like an addict aches for his drugs, don’t do it. You have been there before.

I’ve met many women who have had sex with men thinking that they would keep them. Thinking that by some miracle it will bring him closer to her. This is an honest mistake that women and probably men too, make, however, I’m speaking from the female perspective on this one. Sorry boys. Some men can be deceiving. They treat you nice, tell you all that you want to hear. They drip honey into your ears. They know how to get into your panties. They have become so good at it, that they can have you drop them as quickly as they drop you after you give up the goodies. This fucking sucks! By then you’re probably head over heals for him. 

This is one of the worst things that can happen to your self confidence. You are probably all in your head thinking about what you did wrong. “Was I not good in bed. Am I not good enough” Stop it right there. Babe, you didn’t do anything wrong. He just didn’t care about your feelings.

You see, someone who cares about you won’t use you in that way. He will respect you and be his true authentic self around you. He will give you the honest choice to make the decision to sleep with him. No gimmicks, no sweet talk, and none of the bullshit he puts on to get pussy. That’s the honest truth. Also, remember that men are much better at living in the moment than women.

When the right man comes along, he will respect you. He will respect your choice to protect your heart and get to know him before you sleep with him. Your self love and worth would be good enough for him, and if you do sleep with him, it will be special. He will give you the choice to make that decision based on his true intentions and that is an man worth fighting for. Do you agree?


Why I Write My Thoughts and Feelings

I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.” – Sylvia Plath

Every writer has their own different reason behind why they write, but the very common, simple reason that we write is because we must. You’ll find that almost every writer suffers from a mind that constantly dances in a storm of thoughts and a heart that beats too fast and too hard; simply put, we write because if we didn’t, we’d go insane. As Isaac Asimov perfectly put it, “I write for the same reason I breathe – because if I didn’t, I would die.

My inspiration comes from nowhere but inside myself. I write because I feel driven to, and it is the way I prefer to get through my life. I’ve always been fascinated by words and the power and beauty they hold, and I’ve found that words are the best way to express what I can’t bring myself to say aloud.

When I write, I write because I am at the peak of my emotions. I write when I am lost, when I am exhilarated, when I am heartbroken beyond relief, when I am feeling infinite; what I am trying to say is, my inspiration lies in my emotions. I personally am someone who feels too deeply but tends to speak my mind too rarely, so writing is, in some sense, the therapy for my soul. I write for pleasure and I write for necessityI write because I like to, I want to, and I need to.

I also write to inspire; sometimes the most troubled souls cannot find solace in writing, so I write in hope that those hearts will find solace in reading instead. I write to not only keep myself sane but to keep others sane as well; no matter how amateur or plain my writing may be, I write in hopes that my words are powerful enough to save someone’s soul.

The bottom line is this: I write because I must, and because words are what keep me moving forward. I write for myself and I write for others; I write to live a little more deeply, love a little more strongly, and feel a little more powerfully.

You could leave in the comment why you write. You don’t have to, but if you want to. Plead leave a comment.


When Times Are Rough, I Convince Myself Otherwise – (To Those Who Might Need A Reminder)

You know what? The world is so goddamn beautiful. It is so absolutely wonderful and mesmerizing and extraordinary. And so are you.

I know life gets a little difficult to deal with sometimes. I know times get rough and things seem to crash down on us, leaving us hopeless and absolutely scared; but you know what? That’s the reality of life. Pain is inevitable. We’re all going to get our hearts broken. We’re all going to get saddened to the point where we think we’ve got nowhere to go. We’re all going to cry tears that could form waterfalls. We’re all going to drown, one point or another.

But here’s the thing. There’s another truth of life that many of us seem to ignore and forget. Happiness is a choice.

See, we’re all going to be sad. Okay. Makes sense, right? It’s just how the world works. It’s just how life works. But what about being happy? We get to decide if we want to get back up when we fall. We get to decide if we want to wipe our tears and put a smile on our face while facing our demons. We get to decide if we choose to make more out of life than what we get. We get to decide on happiness or on pain.

And I’m telling you – I’m reminding you – to make the right choice. Choosing happiness seems like the obvious decision, yet so many of us forget to make this choice. So here I am, telling you to be happy. I know, harder than it sounds. But you know what? It isn’t impossible, either.

To those of you who have fallen down, to those of you who feel as if you are drowning in a sea of sadness, listen to me when I say to get back up. Get back up and look at the world around you. Look at your life, and when I say look, I mean take a really close and good look at what you’ve got. Count the people who love you. Look at your past. How many tough times did you get through? How many times in the past had you thought you wouldn’t be able to survive the war you were fighting in? How many times have you proven yourself wrong?

Look at how far you’ve made it. Look at how many tears you’ve shed and look at how many battles you’ve won. Look at how many things you’ve endured and survived and look at how strong you’ve become. You are a fighter, you are a soldier who is winning the war of life. And you can’t give up now. I know there are days when you just want to give it all up, when all you can do is cry and scream into the air of emptiness and oblivion, but what hurts now probably won’t even matter in months from now, years from now. So look at how much you’ve gotten through in the past, and look forwards to the future. Imagine a beautiful future for yourself. Dare yourself to dream of a happy ending to this story of yours, dare yourself to believe that you find the happiness you are desperately seeking. 

Listen, I get it. You go through things during the day that eat at you, you feel things that gnaw at your heart and make you feel as if you’re breaking over and over again. But take a quick moment and just press PAUSE. What are you crying about? What are you sad about? Is what you’re so hyped up about really important? In some cases, the answer is yes. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, maybe you’ve suffered a great loss. You can mourn, I understand. But make sure that you don’t stop living. And to those who become emotional over the small things and let these small things ruin your whole day, I’m telling you, I’m begging you, please stop. Stop torturing yourself. Stop getting caught up in things that won’t even matter in 24 hours. Stop getting caught up in emotions that unnecessarily tear you apart. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

Look at this world. Look at all the opportunities that are around you. Look at all that you can do, all that you can feel, all that you can be. The world is so much bigger than you realize, life is so much more than it seems like it is to you right now. So don’t you understand? You’ve got to smile. You’ve got to laugh. Listen to good music. Read a moving book. Watch a fantastic movie. Go out with your friends. Spend time with your family. Indulge yourself in your passions and your hobbies. Dance. Sing. Paint. Write. Live life the way it ought to be lived. Love yourself and love the ones around you; block out the negative emotions and let the positive vibes in only. And when you get sad, it’s okay – you’re only human. But remember, in the words of the wise Alfred and Bruce Wayne: “why do we fall? To learn to pick ourselves back up again.” So fall, but make sure to get back up. Never give up. Because this world is beautiful and this life is wonderful and there are so many reasons and ways to laugh and smile and be happy – and you deserve all of it. You deserve the world. Never forget that.

Just thought that this might be something people ought to remember on their bad days.

In Love With This World,