Beautifully Chaotic

Don’t let anybody tell you about love

What do they know?

Don’t let anybody tell you that true love doesn’t exist. It probably just means they had a bad experience. But, don’t let them tell you it’s fairy tale either. It just means that they’ve gotten lucky.

You have to figure love out on your own. There is no definition for love. It isn’t like an elementary vocab word.

Just like our finger prints, love is different for everyone.

Love can be either beautiful or chaotic. Or it can be beautifully chaotic.



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A Prayer For You And Your Scars

I hope you find someone who loves you for your scars.

Your scars are the battles you fought
alone, scared, broken at midnight
navigating the map of your lost soul,
wearing nothing but threadbare dreams,
with demons who would not die,
and who could not rest.
and still strong, you fought on.

I pray you find someone who loves you for your scars

Your scars will tell the stories your lips cannot.
Your scars will reveal secrets your heart cannot.
Your scars will create meaning to the little things you do.
So find someone who loves you for your scars.
This is all that I can pray for, for you.

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To Whom This May Concern

Be careful of the ones with tight grips. The ones who are scared to let you go. The ones who think losing you will remove the air from their lungs if you never come back. insecurity does well to disguise itself as love, but love doesn’t fear freedom, it grows flowers from it.


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Truth and Love

“if you dress me in beautiful words, 

make sure your actions

compliment the clothing

you’ve picked out for me.” 


Truth and Love

vicious circle

your wounds are where your father was wounded

your bitterness is the life your mother had to live.

and if we do not do something different,

these wounds will be the wounds of our children,

who we hope,

will learn how to forgive.

(sometimes we find ourselves committing the very acts that hurt us when we were a child. We get stuck perpetuating a pattern that we’ve inherited and if we are not made aware, the pattern continues and bleeds into the generations that come after us.

I want you to know that is doesn’t have to be this way; you have the power to change everything.

Stop making choices that you know will hurt you. Stop choosing the things that do not help serve your higher purpose.

Practice making decisions that will elevate who you are and who you want to be. Choose these things over and over again until you’re free. And once you’re free, free another.)



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Truth and Love


just because she looks soft and delicate

doesn’t mean she’s weak,

remember it’s always the

silk-like wings of a butterfly

that breaks out of a hard cocoon


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Truth and Love

We were all young once

All in love–

with the idea of love

A creation of the mind

Based on stories we grew up hearing

“he’ll come riding a white horse.”

“she’ll be the damsel you need to save.”

Adolescent, we search

For the image engraved.

And sometimes there’s a happy ending

And other cases….

Disappointment and heartbreak

We realize fairy tales are just rare dreams

And just like that, love is no longer deep infatuation

But rather something we know to seek the ends of the earth for.


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