My Conscious and I On My First Time.

Will it hurt?

Should I tell him am a Virgin?

Should there be foreplay?

Should I wash up first?

Should I wait for him to make the first move,

and undress me?


I shouldn’t do this!

Will I have the “Big-O?”

Like the girls in the movies?

Will he use a condom or not?


He should use a condom right?

I have never done this before?

Please ask me if I have.

Oh no! Why is he leaning towards me?

Why is his hands on my thigh?

Be normal. Act Normal. His your boyfriend, right? Your first.

and you love him, right? He loves you too.

Just kiss him. Am sure he will understand if you not ready.

You acting like if you have sex you’ll die.

We both know after this day, you will want more of him.

Kiss him.

In response to today’s Daily Prompt: panic



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Banging in silence…

Mature content! (sometimes my mind wonders a lot!)

Just a quickie!


The bell had just rang , it was their last period of school before summer starts. Jason was in the swimming team and he had just finished his training session for that day. Even though there was no swimming competition he preferred to waste time at the pool.

“Nice training”, She told him as he pulled himself out of the pool. She had come tell him that class is about to start.

“You know that’s what makes me sane babe”, he reply placing a kiss on her cheek. Then they both walked into the changing room. She was to wait outside but he dragged her in.

“What you doing? You know am not supposed to be in here?”

“It our anniversary, remember and since there’s no one here, you can come watch me shower as you tell me what you got planned for us”.


He walked out of the showers butt naked coming at her. She quickly passed him the towel but he dint take it. He moved closer to her.

“Come on Jason, you know you are wet and we’ve got class to attend”.

“This is my anniversary gift, I know you will never forget”, he said as he leaned towards her lips. Kissing her passionately. She wanted to resist but she knew he wouldn’t let her. Jason made her feel some type of way.

He grabbed her ass and pushed her against the wall.

“What if someone walks in?” She whispers.

“Nobody will as long as you are silent”, he said pulling her crop top off. “Just kiss me and don’t be too loud.”

It must have been a perfect day for her not to wear a bra. Her tits were not so big, so no one ever notices if she wore one or not. Jason squeezed her boobs gently till she let out a soft mourn.

He then turned her over, she was now facing the wall. He pulled her mini-skirt to her waist then pushed her panties to the side. With one hand in on her boobs, the other was in her pants finding her clit. She let out a sexy mourn when he found it. She was extremely horny.

Kissing her on her neck, squeezing her boob and flickering her clit made her juices flow out of her to his hand. He then told her to back her ass up and bend over so that he can slid in her. Reminding her to be silent.

Jason held her by her waist and gently inserted his dick. He kissed her on her back then started thrusting in and out at a quick pace. He knew she would be tempted to scream, so he covered her mouth with his hand, banging her in silence until he was on climax. He then pulled it out quickly and let his load on her back.

“You are naughty. But that’s why I love you”, She said wiping her self off.

This is in response to Daily Prompt: silence, passionate and together

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How To Get Over Your Fear Of Getting Eaten Out

Last night, I was watching a series, a young lady who enjoyed sex. She was a sex addict. Going to clubs, picking up guys just to have sex with them and suck their blood. Yes, it was a vampire series. But she hated pussy eaters. She would kick and suck the blood out of a man who tried to go down on her. Her thoughts were, “I hate when men do that. Isn’t sex enough?”. I don’t know what her problem was. Who doesn’t love men who go down on them?

This brought me to a thought, Why do some women have fear of getting eaten out?

Vaginas should come with instruction manual. Because my vagina did freak me out when I realized I had it. Wondering, what is it for? Why is it even there? What does it do? HA! Show me a girl whose vagina hasn’t freaked her the hell out on at least one occasion and I’ll show you a liar.

It’s for that reason that it can be extremely difficult to let someone else dive in head-first. Vaginas can be freaky. And mysterious. They play by their own rules.

How are you supposed to know what’s going on down there? Depending on how tall you are, your vagina is like miles away from your face. And you’re going to let another person get up close and personal without the slightest idea of what they’re getting into? You’re going to let them play with your pussy?

You’re damn right you are. And you’re going to like it. That’s a promise, not a threat. You gonna close your eyes, hold his head and direct him how you want to be eaten out. 

If you in a relationship and you’ve heard from your friends that getting eaten out feels amazing, but you’ve never experienced it for yourself. You don’t know what you’re missing. 

“Being eaten out feels like a lump of orgasm stuck in your throat, slowly sliding down to your chest, then your tits, then your stomach, then your hips, then your pussy, then your clit lips tongue until he licks it out of you. He awakens every sleeping nerve under your skin. Oh yea!”

If you are dating someone who knows what you’re missing and wants to show you. Then you will be able to describe how it felt in your own way. It shouldn’t take another person to make us feel OK about our bodies, but sometimes it does. Sometimes you need to have that “someone is between my legs with their mouth on my clit and they’re happy about it” moment to make you see the light. 

Thing is, you might have this hungry hungry hippo in front of you begging for a snack, you need to get out of your way and let them feed. But you know you are not prepared. So you start a convo with your conscious (fear).

“My vagina might smell.”

I would tell you that all vaginas smell like something. This isn’t a secret. If you’re dating someone who thinks women sweat out vanilla and strawberry, you have bigger problems that what your vagina smells like.

“…But it smells…bad. Like, kinda-fishy, walking around in a thong and tights all day, bad”

Go wash up really quick? There’s a big difference between fresh-out-the-shower vagina and just-got-home-from-the-gym vagina. Again, an adult will understand and appreciate if you need to freshen up before they get to feast.

“I haven’t shaved in god knows how long”.

So what? I know we walk around thinking that our pubes are the only pubes, and that our shaving routine is the only shaving routine, but give your dude some credit. He’s probably seen some shit. Besides, when his bobbing your head in and out enjoying that blow job, Is he always shaved? No shame in your game girl.

“It might hurt”

If someone’s going down on you and it hurts,tell him he’s doing it wrong. Unless you like pain. Tell him what would actually feel good. 

And if the guy you’re dating seems like he’d rather starve to death than eat your pussy, Its okay. You cannot force him. But if you’ve been poppin’ out blow jobs all day, all night, it’s only right you ask that the favor be returned. 

Remember not all guys like going down on girls. Communicate about it. Maybe he’s had bad experiences in the past. Maybe he’s afraid it’ll smell bad and he won’t want to embarrass you, thus suffering through unpleasurable dining. 

Talk about it. That’s why I prefer not to take sex too serious. If you and your man are open with each other the better. If there’s anyone you shouldn’t be sleeping with, though, it’s not the guy who doesn’t want to go down on you. 

Bon appetit! 


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Freaky Friday; Do Women Masturbate?

Good morning. Hope your Friday is better than mine. Just being thankful to be alive. So today I feel like it being a ‘freaky Friday’. Why? Because all my posts today will be about sex. Somethings that people don’t want to talk about. I will talk on their behalf. 

So let’s start with Masturbation.  Female Masturbation. Do we masturbate? OMGosh, Yes, Yes. We do! Women might not talk about it like men do but I will; and Yes we do. 

For starters according to Wikipedia, “Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure”. Wow that’s a lot to digest.

I remember when I was in High school, it was pornography videos going around showing each other the new sex position one desired or looking for explicit novels to read. High School was the home for all teenagers who were going through all these body changes and body maturity. We became more aware of our feelings and sexuality. Now, for the not-so obedient teenager that I was, I fell in the ‘naughty’ class and there was this pressure to read sexually explicit books and watching more of pornography. Somehow it excited us. And I can tell you for free that reading these books or watching pornography led to arousal and what biology calls stimulation. 

Masturbation is perfectly natural, safe, beneficial to our health in many areas. Some of you many agree to disagree. It allows us to explore different things that we like and ways we enjoy being touched. It gives us a better sense of our own bodies. There is nothing to be embarrassed or feel guilty about when it comes to self-pleasure.


There are different ways for a woman to masturbate.  What works for one may not work as well for another.

Some women may choose to masturbate with their fingers by rubbing their clit, fingering themselves and brushing against their G- spot of combination of both. Some women massage one of their breast or squeeze their nipple with one hand while pleasuring herself down below with the other.

women 8

Some women only masturbate using vibrator and dildos which help bring you to a climax quickly. Personally, I love having an orgasm from having a vibrator on my clit. It’s electrifying, to say the least.

women5You can reach a clitoral orgasm by grinding yourself against something too. Some women may rub themselves against something soft like a pillow while others may like grinding against something hard like a the the edge of a table. 

women 10

Some women masturbate using water too. They allow the water from the tap in the tub to run down onto their clits or if they have a tub with jets in it they angle themselves above the jet and let the rushing stream of water spray them into an orgasm.


Another thing that is nice is to have a removable shower head with adjustable speeds. You can take the shower head down and change the speed of the stream of the water spraying against you feels amazing and is sure to bring on the Big O; just be careful and make sure you don’t slip and fall.

There are tons of different ways to get yourself off; the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours to make. Masturbation is about pleasing yourself and that is what you have to do. If you want to. Find what works to please you and go fuck yourselves. Some times it’s good to masturbate. You find what amazes you during sex and you can always show him how to do it on you. The way you like it.

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Good Morning Sex

As early as 5:30 am, he was already awake. He gazed down her body as she slept by his side. He loved her body. Her body turned him on without touching her. She was sleeping in a transparent night wear which showed everything in a woman she had. He sat for 2 minutes just enjoying looking at her body. He was already hard.

He grabbed her by her waist as she was sleeping not facing him and pulled her close to him. Then put his arms around her. This made her wake up a little. “Boo why are you awake so early? It’s Sunday Morning”. 

“Shhh, go back to sleep”. He whispered as he placed a kiss on her shoulder.

Cuddled so close, in a spooning position, he went upper to her soft breast and in a second her nipples came up excited, and he smiled saying, “Good Morning Angel”. Kissing on her back. She knew what he wanted and she wanted it too as he caressed her body softly.

She then turned to face him, “Good morning Love”. Giving him warm kissed on his lips and neck. ‘I love morning like this’. 

He came on top of her, kissing her forehead to her breasts. He pulls her night gown up and went underneath her legs and spread them open showing how cute her vagina is and then he licked it inner and inner as she mourned. She loved when he went down on her. She held his head tight on to her pussy as he licks it wets. She closed her eyes and let the good feeling take her away. Gasping in sweet moans.

He then came up, kissing her, making her taste herself. She then helped him undress his shirt showing off his manly body which looked so good on him, he touched her nipples making them stand more. Caressing his body, she helped him remove his boxers. When she touched his dick, he was extremely hard. As his penis came closer to her pussy entrance, she gasps. She wanted him to go in immediately. But he loved to tease her which made him very horny. He gently inserted his penis in her vagina, the pulled out. Her moans, her kisses, her caressing, her begging, her wanting more. ‘Baby I want you so bad, just do it’. He smiled because he enjoys that. It made her wetter.

He then grind his hard dick against her wet pussy, making her moan loud, really loud. It’s wasn’t the first time but his dick seemed to be bigger in the mornings. ‘Are you okay babe?’ he said and stopped thrusting. She nodded and wrapped him down to kiss him but also so he goes deeper inside her.

‘Aaaaah’ she moans as he began to thrust quicker. ‘OMG! Babe! She groans as he hit her g-spot. She kept moaning as he began to thrust quicker, her moan turned him on so much. After 10 min of hard fucking, ‘Aaaaahhhh, Babe! She Screamed. ‘I’m cumming’.

“Let it out babe,” he said holding her neck from below, kissing her deeply, fucking her in slow mo and passionately. 

He loved to make her cum first. He knew that she’s satisfied and if she wanted more, he knew how to get her there.

He then allowed her to come on top of him. He gripped her thighs and slowly entered her. She moved herself up and down as she quickened her pace making him moan louder and louder. “Don’t stop. “. She knew he loved it when she was on top when he says, ‘don’t stop’, she knew he was almost there, so she went on faster. His hips pushed forward, one hand squeezing her ass, the other squeezing her breast, he finally released himself inside her.

They both let out a gasp and she fell on top of him. She could hear his heart beating faster than ever. His chest raised up and down quickly an his breathing was harsh.

“Wow,” was all he could say. She giggled to herself and kissed his cheek.

“I think you should be on top more often,” He admitted. He kissed her nose and they both eventually fell back asleep. It was hours before either of them actually got up.


Written By Eshinali

Photo taken from Pinterest 


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Just a Girl and her One night Stand

Did you ever fall in the arms of stranger and spent hot night with him? In this moment you did not make questions, decisions or any moral dilemma. You surrender yourself to him, without thinking what will be tomorrow. Later, if he did not call you , your best friend was with you to collect your pieces. When friends ask you for advice to have sex with unknown guy, you will say her :”Don’t do it immediately. Wait.”  When she do it anyway , and ask you for advice again, you say : “I told you not to do it, forget him now. ” 

My colleague Sonia and I have become so close. She gave me her one night stand experience where everything went wrong but not because of one night stand. It happened because Sonia made decisions with heart, not with mind. 

Sonia met this guy Lameck  in amusement park. She was with friends, drunk and from an abusive relationship. They drunk few beers, make out sessions and she found herself in his bed. After this he did not call her. When they met in the streets on Nairobi, he said he had lost her number. She did not want to get involved again, so she did not give her number again.

After one week, she met him again in a night club. Sonia loves her beer bottle. She got drunk, they went into the car and had another sex. Mistake number two. Even though she knew he won’t call again, she allowed him to repeat the same mistake. They knew nothing about each other only names.

The next weekend, they met at an event, few drinks and she gets easy. They had sex in the bathrooms. Then later he took her to his house. Mistake number three and four.

One day, during a fashion show concert somewhere in Nairobi, Sonia being a lover of fashion she attends with her friends. When the concert was over, she sees Lameck walk out with a girl, she assumes its the girlfriend. Of course they pretended they didn’t  know each other. She walked the other side with her friends. Though she felt jealous and bitter. 

Sonia decided to pay back. During her random nights with Lameck, she had met Lameck’s few friends. So she decides to hook up with one of them, few drinks and they had sex too. Mistake number five. Though the friend told her it’s just sex no strings attached. Sonia did it anyways.When Lameck hard this, he just cut off from her completely. In fact that was the last time they ever saw each other. She learnt a lesson.

My advice 

Guys have nose for easy women. They can smell where is opportunity for fast sex. It doesn’t matter did you sleep with him first or second night, or after few months. If you don’t ask where its going to, especially if you’ve done it many times, don’t get hurt when you see him with another girl. Don’t get hurt when he decided to ghost you. He will respect you for asking. He will know where you stand. So it will either be friend with benefits or relationship. You will not be marked as slut.
If you are able to accept the fact that guys maybe will not call you, you have nothing to lose. You had pleasure and now you can learn something. If he calls you,the better. It means he is interested.
When you see friends in tears after one night stand, don’t judge her. Tell her to wait and act with mind. In this way, you send message that you are cool person. You can sleep with him and you will not cry after, but also you will not do it with everyone. You wanted to do it with him. If he doesn’t understand you, he is not for you. You can send him back to his boring girlfriend or to his friends. You don’t have time for him, it was one night stand. 

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Are we fucking or having sex?

Hi, I am watching a series and above is the title of one of the episodes. It made me think really deep. Is there a difference? Whether you are fucking or just having sex? How do you describe fucking? and how do you describe having sex?

Are you making love if….you’re doing it on a heart-shaped bed covered in rose petals.

Are you fucking if….you’re doing it in a bathroom stall at a bar.

Are you making love if….you’re  doing it to the slow romantic sex music, am sure everyone has the kind of music they love when getting it on.

Are you fucking if….You’re doing it to Pitbull’s music.

Okay Okay, I’ll admit it…I just sort made these up. But they’re are mostly true.

I’d say, most people likely look at fucking as completely void of emotion, while making love involves, you know, love. However, i think it is possible to fuck someone you are in love with and it will be awesome. It is possible to make love to someone you are not in love with but only if you are high on weed or ecstasy and it is possible for one person to be making love while the other is fucking, usually the one making love does not realize he/she is being fucked by the other.

Take, for example, from the series am watching, a web series, John who plays an impossibly loveable dickweed, is most definetly fucking Kristen. But Kristen is just having sex with him. She’s not in love with him and doesn’t even seem to be enjoying herself, but he’s hot and having sex with him is better than staying home watching movies. She keeps fucking different men to find the romance she’s looking for, someone who will literally take her breathe away whether it will be fucking, making love or having sex. Hope she does by the end of the series, can’t wait. Maybe she will help me discover the truth on this one.

Most women think that making love usually means doing it slowly and with eye contact.Though I must say,I personally feel more connecton when there is eye contact. But someone could be looking you straight in the eye while slowly fucking you brains out. That sounds kinda hot. And some men think, fucking- you just wanna get straight to the business. Drop your pants and her pants and start banging. Until both the spot, zip up and peace out and for sex- you take it slower, foreplay, rub a little and then get down to business and some foreplay afterwards also…lay there…and all that cheesy other stuff.

Is this true?

Well from my experience on both ways, I say whether you’re fucking or making love or having sex, lies in the mind of the fucker or love-maker or sex-haver. You’re fucking if you think you are fucking and you’re making love if you think you’re making love. Speed, location and surroundng smells don’t matter.

According to Kristen, in the series, she said, that she believes ‘making love’ was invented by pastors and church to make the act of intercourse sound pure – Is that true? Go figure.

My advice

If your partner is going to feel more special if you look them in the eyes and grind in slowmo, then why not do it all the time? If she likes it slow, do it slow sometimes. And if he likes it fast, do it fast sometimes. It’s all about give and take when it comes to sex. Who gives a crap what you call it? Whether you do it in the car, at the movies , on the couch or on the heart-shaped bed. Whatever position you want, the dirty talks, it’s all in your mind.Talk to your partner how you love it and that is excatly what they will give you.

Tell me what you consider? Making love Vs fucking? Is there a difference?

Enjoy this one too.